Coaching Sessions

Work privately with Ashley, one on one, over Skype from anywhere in the world. Share your personal journey around your sexuality and where you want to be.  Receive support and guidance with your relationships, intimacy and empowerment.  


There are few places to go for non-judgmental, shame-free help with one’s sexual life. As a Sexual Empowerment Coach, I assist you with the challenges and relationship issues that prevent you from fully experiencing your sexuality wholly and holistically. It is my desire to help you connect with your pleasure, power and purpose.  Sexual energy is a beautiful, powerful gift and receiving support in life to fully embrace it, own it and experience love and pleasure is your birthright. My goals are to assist you in peeling away myths and preconceptions about sex and relationships, help you let go of unrealistic expectations, shame and unhealthy emotional and sexual patterns, create the sexual life and relationships you want, and step into your magnificent sexual self.

To book a free discovery session to explore your needs and desires send an email to: