"Just hearing Ashley speak at an event opened me up to understanding why I have been unable to achieve an orgasm after 20 years of having sex and why sex was so often painful more than pleasurable.  I finally knew what my body was capable of. I bought Ashley’s cookbook and took the Juicy Living Course online. It kick started a sexual revolution with my husband and I. Sex has never been so hot, so emotional, so raw, and so natural as it is now. We also achieved my first and our first orgasm together and conceived a baby on the same day!  To say that all of this is magical, is a complete understatement!  Also, I have been developing plans to begin a business dedicated to cultivating Women's Leadership. I completely attribute this unimaginable sequences of events and love to reconnecting to my divine feminine."  -Jen M. ,Santa Cruz, CA


"Ashley creates a safe space to really open up and explore the ins and out’s of feminine sexuality, from the physical to the energetic to the spiritual. Thank you Ashley!"  -Elizabeth T., Berkeley, CA


"I loved the Juicy Living Course! I’m feeling juicy every week and taking that home to my husband."  -A.S., Sacramento, CA


"I’ve been studying sex for over 5 years and Ashley opened my eyes about anatomy and energy! There were nuggets I took out of every class from new insights to practical tips.  Ashley embodies what she teaches.  It was a pleasure to learn from her and the stories she weaves throughout are delightful. She leads with confidence.  I loved coming together with these amazing women and having a safe haven to express myself and ask questions." -Ali Wahl, New York, NY


"Best workshop EVER. Changed my life. No joke."  -Shelby L., Portland, OR


"Ashley teaches with a fun and playful energy that is inviting and comfortable.  I felt safe and free to express myself and open into a deeper understanding of my sexuality.  I am so grateful for this workshop!"  -Vidya H., Christ Church, New Zealand


“That was an amazing workshop Sunday evening! Definitely one of the top three I have ever taken (and I’ve taken a lot). The divine mix of grace and humor with stories and very useful exercises, making everyone feel comfortable and welcomed, can’t be beat. Thank you, I feel so empowered as a woman to share these special gifts!”  -Donna C., Oakland CA


“Ashley’s class was a great way to explore sexuality in a safe environment. She is an awesome leader and teacher of this material, and made everyone feel at ease in exploring subjects that could otherwise be hard to talk about. I think everyone left the class with a sense of self-confidence and excitement for delving into newly learned techniques with a lover or partner. The intention she set for the class made me feel like I can ask her any question during class, no matter how silly, without judgment from her or anyone in the circle.  I really enjoyed my time there and look forward to future classes with her!”  – Claire M., Berkeley CA


"I have been on the journey of healing my negative body issues and sexual shame for years.  I have read numerous books, received counseling, and taken other courses around sexuality and feminine empowerment.  They all pale in comparison to what Ashley offers.  She puts everyone at ease by creating a safe container.  Her information is in-depth and practical.  She is fun (often hilarious) yet manages to be incredibly reverent at the same time.  I can not recommend her work highly enough."  -Courtney F., Asheville, NC


"Ashley Apple is a deeply vulnerable, Divine Feminine leader. I absolutely LOVED her class on oral sex. It was tasteful, sensual, and fun. Ashley holds space for women to be truly comfortable in their skin, and to embrace their raw, creative energy. I was thrilled with the results, and so is my husband!"  -Jen Rode, Costa Rica


“Thank you Ashley for a fun, sexy, inspiring series!  I feel I have some new skills and perspectives to bring into my life and the bedroom. Meow! – Marie T., Connecticut