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Intimacy & Ecstasy - A Valentine's Workshop for Couples 2/14/17

A unique date on Valentine's day!

It's that time of year...the pressure is on to find some unique and romantic plan for Valentine's day.  So every year I lead a sell-out workshop for couples that inspires new ways of connecting and experiencing pleasure.  

This class is packed with exercises and opportunities for you and your lover to connect deeply away from your daily routine.  

In this workshop you will learn simple tools that allow you and your lover to slow down and create an easy ritual of connection that opens the heart.  After expanding into intimacy with your partner we will explore moving our own sexual energy to experience different types of pleasure.  We will practice feeling our partners energy.  Then we will journey into conscious, intimate, pleasure producing states of love by riding the waves of ecstasy with fun exercises.  Learn the simple tools for slowing down and speeding up in sex to create incredible pleasure that builds to epic orgasms.  Couples of all sexual orientation or fluidity are welcome, love is love! Early Bird tickets start at $95 a couple.

There is no nudity during the class. Hopefully you get naked later at home and practice ;)

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