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Own it! Women's Empowerment Daylong Retreat.

What gets in the way of you owning your power, your truth, your light?
  • Is it the desire to be loved and liked?
  • Is it the inner task master who works "all the time" and as a result feels exhausted and can't bring their joy, light, and power forward?  
  • Do you not give yourself permission to ask, "what do I desire most for big beautiful life of mine?" 
  • Is it a lack of feeling enough, loved, supported?

In this playful, experiential, and transformative daylong, we will cultivate our light and power by training the mind, opening the heart, nourishing the body, and tapping into our sensuality so that we can bring our inner wisdom to our work, relationships and the world.  The day will focus on mindfulness, self acceptance as spiritual practice, embodied movement, role playing, receiving, and so many gifts! 

I am excited and honored to be co-teaching this workshop with my friend Carley Hauck. Carley Hauck is the founder and Chief Wisdom Seeker at Living Well Awake. Carley wears the hats of well being consultant, teacher, researcher, speaker, author, executive life coach. Carley has over 15 years experience working with individuals and organizations in the area of change management, organizational psychology, integrative medicine, and leadership. For more info about Carley go HERE

If you are ready to up level your confidence, be more authentic, and supported by a nourishing container of women, then this is for YOU.  Watch the video in the registration link below where Carley and I speak to you more about this day.  

You can learn more and register HERE.  

When: October 28th, 2017 (Saturday)

Where: Oakland Veterans Building/Senior Center, Hall  1 Upstairs 200 Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA

Time: 1:00-6:00pm

We would LOVE for you to join us on 10/28.

In the meantime, here are 3 gems to start to Own It right now.

Ask yourself and listen deeply :

1)  " What are the most loving and kind words I can say to myself right now?"


2)  With deep appreciation for yourself, how might you show up more fully in your life?  Would you share your feelings and needs? Would you take breaks?  Would you really own what it is that you want?


3) Whatever your answer is, start with this.... 

 I give myself permission to... 

 I give myself permission to...

 I give myself permission to...


Start with that and check in with your heart and body.  How does it feel?  Are you more open and confident?  If so, keep doing it and see where it leads you :) 

We give you permission to OWN IT.  

Much Love,

Carley & Ashley

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