Ashley Apple is a sexuality educator whose workshops, retreats and online classes provide an essential yet playful education for a healthy, juicy, satisfying sex life. Her fun and grounded teaching style is a culmination of years of experience as a sex educator, workshop facilitator, certified clinical herbalist, yoga teacher and writer. For over 18 years Ashley Apple has studied human sexuality and traveled the world studying techniques for creating conscious sexual experiences. 

Ashley created the Juicy Living Course, an online educational video series, as a way to share her foundational teachings with women all over the world; helping women find their sexual power and unleash their orgasmic potential.

Ashley's journey began in 1998 when she discovered the power of herbal aphrodisiacs and fell in love with holistic nutrition, superfoods, and herbal remedies. She created a line of herbal elixirs and began dreaming up chocolate aphrodisiac recipes for her cookbook, The Kama Sutra Kitchen. She traveled abroad, living in Asia for four years, studying and teaching Tantra Yoga, holistic nutrition, conscious sexuality and herbal medicine. Ashley was introduced to the Jade Egg practice from the Taoist tradition, an amazing self care technique for strengthening vaginal muscles and increasing your orgasmic potential. She has spent years exploring the tantric and taoist approached to sexuality and heightened states of sexual pleasure. 

Ashley teaches classes, retreats and workshops all over the world with the intention of initiating women and men in the sensual arts. Living a juicy, sexy, satisfied life is every person's birthright!


“I’m passionate about pleasure. I believe it’s every human being’s birthright to feel the sensual pleasure of their body. We have so much capacity for ecstasy, orgasm and heart opening, which enhances our experience of life. When we are orgasmic on a regular basis, our brain chemistry, our moods, and our physical health all benefit, and we thrive!

I’m committed to shifting the cultural narrative around sex from a negative perspective of shame and repression to a positive view of sex as an empowering and natural part of life. We’re currently at a crossroads... Most people are afraid to talk about sex, and very few folks receive an education on how to experience pleasure or how to give it. People are intimidated, and often look to one of the only accessible tools for learning about sex: Porn. And if you ask most women, they will tell you that what you see in porn is not at all what they desire! But because many of us haven’t been encouraged to explore our bodies intimately, we often don’t know what we like or how to reach orgasm, so it can be difficult to communicate this to our partners.

Since there isn’t a major educational alternative offered by our society, women and men frequently don’t know what is possible in terms of pleasure and orgasm. They are experiencing sex in a very limited way. I am PASSIONATE about providing education to shift this. It all begins with PERMISSION and PRESENCE. Permission to explore, to learn, to play. Presence to feel safe connecting deeply to our own sensual self, and to extend that same erotic awareness to our partners. I love creating unique gatherings where women and men experience sexual and sensual energy in ways that will forever shift them, open them to their true pleasure potential, enabling them to experience states of orgasm they never dreamed possible!”