Juicy living is a way of life~ Live fully in your pleasure, connected to your sensual self, embracing your desires. Ashley Apple offers easy and playful tools to help you discover your natural bliss state: open, awake, and ready to meet the world with passion and vitality. Experience Ashley's Juicy Living course HERE

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Ashley Apple is a sexuality educator whose workshops, retreats and online classes provide an essential yet playful education for a healthy, juicy, satisfying sex life. Her fun and grounded teaching style is the culmination of 18 years of experience as a sex educator, workshop facilitator, certified clinical herbalist, yoga teacher and writer. She is the creator of the online video series, The Juicy Living Course, and the author of a tantalizing aphrodisiac book of sexy recipes...The Kama Sutra Cookbook.

Ashley teaches classes, retreats and workshops all over the world with the intention of initiating women and men in the sensual arts. Living a juicy, sexy, satisfied life is every person's birthright!




Ashley is available to speak nationally and internationally to your group or at your event or festival on a variety of titillating topics...

For bookings, please contact us at: ashley@ashleyapple.com

“My mission is to share juicy information and ignite discussions that can help change our outdated views on sexuality. I create a space where anything and everything is OK to talk about, share and embrace. My friendly approach and natural authenticity helps people feel safe to relax, open and explore new territory. I don’t offer a major program to follow or a certain school of study; I know there are many paths, and each person will be pulled by their own individual calling. I offer the opportunity to be activated. When we gather in a large group, the collective energy builds, and I masterfully use this group dynamic to create powerful initiations. An initiation is a shift in consciousness, and people walk away from my retreats, workshops, and classes forever changed~ Empowered and open to more pleasure, purpose and vitality!”

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The Juicy Living Podcast is a platform to share all my sexy tips, grounded wisdom, and esoteric knowledge on the subject of sexuality. Let’s talk about what’s possible... Let’s talk about taboo subjects. I’ll answer all of your burning questions & we’ll explore intimacy and conscious sexual expression.

This is the place you can turn to for information about your body, how to cultivate sexual energy, and learn about different schools of erotic study. I’ll discuss creativity, and how to use body awareness and sexual power to feel, identify, and align with your highest purpose in life. And I’ll introduce you to the world’s best teachers on sex and intimacy, who offer many tantalizing paths to follow...

Ashley offers classes, workshops and retreats on a variety of topics in the San Francisco Bay Area, nationally and internationally. View & register for events HERE

“I hold a safe space for people to share and explore. Sometimes just experiencing the gift of openness and presence in a caring group can help people feel like it’s ok to ask questions and explore their own relationship with their sexuality, desires, and longings. I’ve been told that my own relationship with sex, my openness and freedom is inspiring and an INVITATION to explore theirs. Having an embodied example of someone they can relate to, who is steeped in her own sexy juices, emboldens them to reach for a fuller expression of themselves.”

Ashley's video series, The Juicy Living Course, is a detailed introduction to the art of succulent sexuality. Featuring easy-to-learn techniques, practical tips, as well as an accessible introduction to the more intangible aspects of what makes sex deep, connective and fulfilling. Watch HERE

Ashley's beloved cookbook, the Kama Sutra Kitchen will have you and your lover licking each other's fingers with delight. These easy-to-follow recipes are healthy and nourishing to the libido, and tasty on the tongue...Available HERE

The secret to successful aphrodisiacs is in the alchemy of creating, and this book is designed to increase sensuality to support the proper mood while concocting aphrodisiac recipes.

What people are saying about Juicy Living...

“That was an amazing workshop Sunday evening! Definitely one of the top three I have ever taken (and I’ve taken a lot). The divine mix of grace and humor with stories and very useful exercises, making everyone feel comfortable and welcomed, can’t be beat..READ MORE -Donna C., Oakland CA

“Ashley’s class was a great way to explore sexuality in a safe environment. She is an awesome leader and teacher of this material, and made everyone feel at ease in exploring subjects that could otherwise be hard to talk about...READ MORE -Claire M., Berkeley CA

I have been on the journey of healing my negative body issues and sexual shame for years.  I have read numerous books, received counseling, and taken other courses around sexuality and feminine empowerment.  They all pale in comparison to what Ashley offers.  She puts everyone at ease by creating a safe container.  Her information is in-depth and practical.  She is fun (often hilarious) yet manages to be incredibly reverent at the same time. READ MORE -Courtney F., Asheville, NC