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Change your relationship with your sexuality. Explore your pleasure potential. Experience creativity and confidence with your fully turned on self.

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It is my mission to help women live a Juicy life.

There is a direct link between a woman’s sexuality and her ability to be happy, creative, radiant, satisfied and juicy.

So how can you radiate your juiciness and experience more pleasure? Here’s my story.

Education is the key. The first time I learned about my internal sexual anatomy I was shocked and thrilled with the knowledge. I was immediately excited to explore my pleasure potential. I found that having knowledge about my body invited an inner permission to explore more. Soon, I began to search for an understanding on the energetic power of sex.  The more I learned the greater my orgasms and pleasure became.  I was humming with joy, happiness and satisfaction. Still hungry for more insight, I was disappointed by the limited availability of information. So I traveled the world in search of a teacher, hoping to learn the lost feminine art of sexuality, sexual energy, orgasms and the art of giving and receiving pleasure.  I spent four years studying Tantra and Taoist philosophy and practices in Asia before returning to the west to share the amazing tools that transformed my life.

Herbal Healing

When I was twenty I moved to Colorado to study botanical medicine and nutrition.  This was before I discovered Tantra. While studying herbal plant medicine I learned all about the potent world of aphrodisiacs.  I couldn’t believe that drinking an herbal tea could make me feel so good. I mean really good! I began to experiment with different herbs for increasing sexual desire, physical response, circulation, sensitivity and orgasmic pleasure.  Yes, I blended a tea that made my orgasms more powerful.

For the next decade I experimented on friends and lovers, recording the results that culminated in the creation of my herbal aphrodisiac recipe book, The Kama Sutra Kitchen.  I opened a wellness center and worked with private clients who wanted to heal their bodies through good diet, herbal medicine, massage therapy and yoga.  Meanwhile my sensitivity to energy was growing so I turned to yoga for guidance.

Yoga, Tantra

Through yoga, I discovered Tantra. Tantric philosophy gave me clear answers to big questions I had around sexual energy, shifts of consciousness, extended states of pleasure and mind blowing heart opening intimacy with a lover. I sold my business, packed a bag and headed to east. I spent four years in Asia studying the body, energetic pathways of sexual energy, meditation and the cultivation of pleasure.  When I landed back in the west everyone wanted to know what I had learned.  Each time I shared my story with other women I recognized the hunger in their eyes. They wanted to know how they could experience more pleasure in their sex lives.  So I began to teach. Every time I hold a workshop I am amazed how many women have never learned the basics of their own anatomy, the different types of orgasm and the power that flows when you embrace your sensuality.

Unleashing Orgasmic Potential

Thousands of years of repression and sexual shame have left their mark on female sexuality. The first step in releasing shame and fear is an education about our bodies and their potential.  These emotions block access to our sexual power, pleasure and orgasm potential.   When we give ourselves permission to feel sensual and desire sex and orgasm we embrace our power as women.

I created the Juicy Living Course, my online video series, as a way to share my foundational teachings with women all over the world, and help them learn to unleash their orgasmic potential.

Do you want to feel confident, sexy and satisfied in bed? The Juicy Living Course is a sex education video series that will change your relationship with pleasure.

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